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Welcome to Noble Ventures Gaming.

We are currently neck-deep in developing a game called Turn of the Card. It's a role-playing game that's all about the story. If that's not enough, it played with a deck of tarot cards. Take a look when you get a chance.

The News

turnofthecard.com is online!

turnofthecard.com is online and ready for consumption! The same content as the PDF, but in an easier to read HTML format, with interactive features soon to come! Check it out!

Thanks for Playing Turn of the Card Genghis Con 2013!

It has been a fantastic year for us and an absolute pleasure to run games for all of the amazing people at Genghis Con 2013! You really know how to make a couple of game designers blush, and we hope everyone makes it back for next year!

If you want to follow us on Facebook, take a look at our fan page.

And please download the newest version of the core rule book here: Turn of the Card v3.0

Turn of the Card Version 3.0

Thanks for visiting and enjoying the game. We just finished working on Turn of the Card version 3, and it’s available here!

Just the Game Please.

For all the new people coming to the site, here are the basic rules for Turn of the Card (v.2.0). Enjoy!


The Guys Behind the Preteniousness

We’ve started to add some information about ourselves in the “About Us” section. We should probably try to add more stuff about the company as a whole, but that will come… That will come…